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Simplest procedure on how to do IDFC First Bank Fastag Recharge online at website….
The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has now made FASTag a must have requirement for every vehicle owner. This means commercial and private vehicle owners will no longer have to pay their toll tax using cash. To make it easy for individuals to apply FASTag, the government of India is working hand in hand with a number of certified banks, e-commerce platforms and Point of Sale (POS) at toll plazas. One of the most notable banks that you consider relying upon when applying for FASTag is the renowned IDFC Bank.

When having IDFC FASTag, you will no longer have to make do with the traffic witnessed at toll plazas. Instead, you can make your payments by driving along designated FASTag lanes without having to stop. However, it is mandatory for you to recharge your IDFC FASTag account before any deductions can be made. Luckily, the internet has made things easier since it is possible to recharge your FASTag online by visiting IDFC First Bank customer portal. Through this action, you are set to get the most out of your IDFC FASTag account thus saving on time at toll booth.

IDFC First Fastag Recharge

How to do IDFC First FASTag Recharge Account Online

Follow the step-by-step guide given below to recharge your FASTag account online at IDFC First Bank customer portal.

  • Before doing anything else, you need to visit IDFC First Bank customer portal. To pull this off successfully, simply enter on the search tab of your most preferred web browser after which you can initiate a search.
  • You will be redirected to the login page of IDFC Bank customer portal. Here, correctly enter your username and password in the space set aside for these details. Click on ‘Login’ to access your IDFC FASTag account.
  • If you happen to forget your password, simply click on ‘Forgot Password’ and reset it in the new page that appears. You can then use it in accessing your IDFC First FASTag account.
  • Once in your account, you will have to visit the pay section by simply clicking on “Pay”
  • Now select ‘FASTag payment’ option and click on “Proceed” to move on to the next step.
  • Enter the amount of money that you wish to recharge in your IDFC FASTag account.
  • A new window will appear on the screen of your device asking you to choose the method of payment you want to use when recharging the account. Among the options that you need to choose from include Credit Card, Debit Card, NEFT/RTGS, Net Banking or through a cheque.
  • After selecting the most preferred payment method, you will have to fill all the details that follow and click on “Submit” option once done. Make sure you counter check the details before authorizing the transfer to your IDFC FASTag account.
  • Upon successful recharge of your IDFC First FASTag account, an SMS notification will be sent to your registered mobile number. This SMS contains details of the recharge.

Axis Bank FASTag Recharge / Money in

How to Do Axis Bank FASTag Recharge / Balance / Amount in Axis official Website
When having an Axis Bank FASTag, you will have to make sure it has sufficient finances before driving through toll plazas. This means recharging your Axis FASTag account minutes or even a couple of days before you run on a low balance.  Through this action, you will never have to stop over at toll plazas simply because there is not enough money in your Axis FASTag account.

Luckily, you can now add money to your account without having to move a muscle. In this post, we are going to examine the simple steps involved whenever you want to recharge FASTag in Axis Bank website.

Axis Bank FASTag Recharge Method

When recharging your Axis Bank FASTag online, you will have to make do with any of the two methods provided i.e.Net Banking or NEFT / RTGS.

FASTag Recharge in Axis

How to Axis Bank FASTag Recharge Using Net Banking

Follow the simple steps given below to Recharging FASTag in Axis Bank website using net banking hassle-free.

  • You will first have to visit Axis Bank FASTag portal by keying in on the search tab of your web browser before initiating a search.
  • On the homepage of this website, enter your username and password to log into the customer portal. Click on ‘Login’ button once you fill your login credentials.
  • Once in the portal, select “Payment Section” and a drop down box will appear. Here, click on ‘Recharge Account’ option to move on to the next step.
  • Now select the FASTag account that you wish to recharge.
  • Enter the amount of money you are going to recharge in your Axis Bank FASTag account.
  • Click on ‘Pay by Online’ after specifying the amount of money to be recharged.
  • A new window will appear on the screen of your device from where you should correctly fill in all your net banking credentials.
  • Finally, click on ‘Pay Now’ option to add money to your FASTag account. You will now have successfully recharged your Axis Bank FASTag account using net banking.

How to Recharge FASTag in Axis Bank Website Using NEFT/RTGS

  • As is the case with net banking FASTag recharging, you need to visit Axis Bank FASTag portal using as the URL.
  • Log into the internet banking account of Axis Bank by correctly entering your username and password.
  • Create beneficiary for another bank transfers / NEFT. To pull this off successfully, you need to fill in all the mandatory details including IFSC Code, name, account number to mention a few.
  • In the payee details field, you will have to enter your vehicle or wallet ID.
  • You can now proceed with the payment and your Axis Bank FASTag account will be recharged.

Regardless of the method you choose to use, you are still going to get an SMS notification once the recharge is complete.

NOTE: You can only recharge your Axis Bank FASTag account with a minimum of Rs.100.

FASTag Equitas Bank Buy / Apply in

Applying Procedure on Buy Fastag in Equitas Bank website….
As part of the Digital India Initiative, all vehicle owners need to get themselves a FASTag for cashless collection of toll tax at state and national highways in India. To put things straight, FASTag is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag attached to your vehicle’s windshield. When having this tag, you no longer have to stop over at toll plazas in order to make the necessary toll tax payments. Through this action, you will save on time that you would otherwise have wasted in long queues when driving through toll plazas.

Buy FASTag Equitas Bank

Steps to Follow When Applying FASTag Equitas Bank at

Follow the simple steps given below to complete FASTag application process in Equitas Bank website.

  • Visit Equitas’ Bank online FASTag application website to open your FASTag prepaid account. This will mean typing on the search bar of your web browser before initiating a search.
  • Once in the website, click on ‘Apply Now’ to begin the application process. You will be redirected to a new page on the portal from where you need to specify whether you have a savings account with Equitas Bank or not.
  • When having a savings account with Equitas Bank, you need to select ‘YES’ and provide your customer ID. A One Time Verification Pin (OTP) will be sent to the mobile number you used in creating a savings account with the bank. Enter the OTP correctly and click on ‘Next’ for Equitas Bank to authenticate your identity.
  • If you do not have an account with Equitas Bank, click on “No” option. An application form will appear on the screen of your device.
  • Fill up your personal details including Name, Address, Date of Birth, Email ID, Mobile Number to mention a few. Click on “Next’ after filling all the mandatory details.
  • Now enter your KYC document details.  Some of the most notable KYC document details you should provide include Driving license, PAN card, Voter ID Card, passport or Aadhaar Card and click on ‘Next’ when done.
  • The ‘Vehicle Registration’ tab will appear from where you should enter the vehicle registration details i.e.Registration Certificate (RC) number of your vehicle. Select ‘Next’ option after submitting your vehicle registration details.
  • Upload scanned copies of all the mandatory documents. They include KYC document, copy of RC, 1 passport size photograph etc.
  • Finally, counter check every piece of information that you have just filled and click on “Submit’ if everything is correct. You have now completed FASTag application in Equitas Bank website.

After submitting your application form, Equitas Bank will have to verify all your details and documents. If everything is correct, the bank is going to create a FASTag account for you before sending the tag to your address. To get the most out of your FASTag account, you need to recharge it when low. Luckily, you can perform this action online by visiting Equitas’ Bank FASTag website at any particular time of the day.

IDFC Bank FASTag Buy Online in

Applying Process on IDFC Bank Fastag Buy Online in the…..
In order to deal with vehicle traffic and save on time at toll plazas, the National Highways Authority (NHAI) of India has introduced FASTag, an electronic toll collection system. By making use of FASTag, you no longer have to stop over in order to pay toll plaza tax. All it takes is for you to attach a tag on your car and the toll plaza’s sensor will automatically deduct the fee from your FASTag account. The FASTag is only going to work after you have activated it successfully.

In order to get the most out of FASTag, you will first have to apply one for yourself. Luckily, you can perform this action online by opting to rely on IDFC Bank. Alternatively, you can decide to make do with any other top bank which comes under POS be it ICICI, Axis Bank or even State Bank of India (SBI).  That aside, today we will examine the simple steps involved whenever you want to apply FASTag in IDFC Bank.

Apply IDFC bank Fastag Online

Documents Needed To Apply For a New FASTag in IDFC Bank Website

Before applying for a new FASTag in the official website of IDFC, you will need to have the following documents.

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RCI)
  • Passport size photo of vehicle owner
  • KYC documents
  • Documents containing address of your home

Systematic Steps to Follow When Applying IDFC Bank FASTag Buy

With all the mandatory documents in place, you can proceed to apply for FASTag online in IDFC website by following the simple steps given below.

  • Go to the official website of IDFC Bank. To pull this off successfully you need to type in on the search bar of any web browser you have installed. This action will automatically redirect you to the homepage of IDFC Bank website.
  • Once in the site, you should click on ‘FASTag- Electronic Toll Payment’ option. A new page will appear on the screen of your device having an application form that you need to fill.
  • Fill in your personal details correctly in the space set aside for each information. Some of the most notable details you should fill include your name, email address and phone number, address, city to mention a few.
  • Now enter the vehicle’s information i.e.Vehicle registration number.
  • Choose your most preferred option of topping up money into your FASTag account in IDFC Bank.
  • Go through all the details you have just filled to determine whether there are any errors.  Change any errors you might come across since they can lead to the cancellation of your application by IDFC bank.
  • With everything in place, click on ‘Submit’ button to submit your application form for verification purposes.
  • Finally, wait for IDFC Bank to check and verify your personal details after which they will approve or decline your tag application. If the application is successful, then IDFC Bank will issue the FASTag. Keep in mind that the issued FASTag needs to be attached on the windscreen of your vehicle and IDFC Bank representatives are always readily available to offer a helping hand.

When having a FASTag, you can make your way through toll plazas without having to worry about anything. You must however make sure your account has enough money if you are to avoid finding yourself in the wrong side of law. The good news is that IDFC Bank have introduced an option to pay through UPI.  This means it is only going to take you a couple of minutes in recharging your FASTag account with IDFC Bank.